Our curriculum utilizes the full range of activities that are designed to enrich creative young minds. We use Finnish Waldorf Framework integrated with Indonesian National Curriculum. Subjects are seamlessly integrated with every other subject providing nuance, context, understanding and deeper learning. For International Assessment we use Cambridge Progression Test and Check Point Test.

Principles & Paradigms

Method of Learning

In order to create students capable of facing 21st century challenges, MWS educates children to develop a love of learning.

Our instructional design uses latest advancement in PBL (Project and Problem Based Learning).

In line with our philosophy, we believe children have different talents and dispositions as well as multiple intelligences: our pedagogical models are highly differentiated.

The main subjects are taught during an extended ‘main lesson block’ for the first two hours of each morning, for a period of between 3 to 6 weeks – allowing an in-depth exploration of one subject at a time, thus enabling students to explore it fully, through intellectual, artistic and practical activities and ensuring a deep consolidation of learning.

The main lesson ties one topic to as many disciplines as possible. Each Main Lesson is rhythmically structured so that the children have to listen, work independently, participate and think at different times – involving the child in activities that awaken his or her powers of head (intellect), heart (feeling) and hands (doing).